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Building Bright Futures

Bridges English Language School (Bridges) was established in 2020 with the purpose of providing online English language classes to people in Canada and abroad. 

Our specialized approach to learning English has increased the demand for personalized classes and encouraged us to expand our programing to cater to the needs of the community at large. 

We work closely with with employers, and with language specialists in order to provide the best approach to learning so that the student is able to bridge the gap between language and their goals. 

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Building Bridges to a Better Future

About Us
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Our mission is to provide the community of English language learners a safe and comfortable learning environment where they may improve their language skills, and focus on their goals through collaboration, innovation, and integration with the community.


Bridges strives to help newcomers establish their roots in Canada by providing them with the language essentials needed to succeed in a new country.  We continually try to provide students with the best learning program to keep up to date with modern facilities, programs and methodologies. 




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