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Bridges English Language School (Bridges) was created in 2020 in order to provide English classes to newcomers to Canada during the pandemic. Our online teaching and learning methodology allowed students to gain interest and expand to other countries.

In September 2022, Bridges opened their doors to in person learning in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bridges has since continued to grow and offer alterative programing for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. 

Bridges is a registered and licensed private educational institution recognized by the Government of Manitoba. It has also been supported by various  organizations in Winnipeg who continually work  with newcomers and would like to help them succeed. 

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Building Bridges to a Better Future

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Our mission is to provide English language skills to learners who need to learn quickly in order to communicate effectively in any English speaking environment so that they can establish their roots and succeed in any English speaking environment. 


Bridges English Language School is continually growing and expanding in Winnipeg and abroad. Our vision is to grow and work alongside other service providers and employers to help everyone reach their goals.


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