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General English 

Our team of highly qualified instructors provides language development classes to students of all levels and for different purposes.  Our methodology of teaching is based on a student-centered and flexible approach to learning where the student is able to choose which course will be the best fit for their personal situation. 


Bridges offers a variety of courses to meet the direct needs of the students. Please read through each course, or contact us directly to help you choose which course would be the best for you. 

General English 360*
Beginner & Intermediate

  • This course develops foundational language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Small interactive class sizes allows the learner to learn quickly in an environment that provides extra language support through different kinds of materials and volunteers who come in to help.

    Once registered, students will:

  • Take an online language assessment before and after the end of the course (small fee)

  • Extra materials and resource

  • Continuous feedback and unit tests for each module

  • Receive a certificate for each language level completed successfully at a minimum of 75%

  • Cost: $150 a month or $400 for 3 months



Advanced Conversational English 

  • This course is for students with a high intermediate and advanced language level who would like to take an academic level conversation course. 

    Bridges will provide: 

  • Academic level reading and listening materials for the topic of conversation

  • Vocabulary, idioms, and spoken language structure reviews

  • Tea or coffee for participants

  •      Cost: $50 per month 

  • Classes are Thursday evenings from 6:30 until 8:00pm. Beginning on September  15 and ending and ending on Thursday, January 01, 2022


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